Thursday, 1 October 2015

OFFSIDES...The PodCast, Episode 14!

As a player, the moment the first leaf on one of the trees in Regina turns orange, the season blows by you at the speed of sound.  One day you're packing for a road game, and it seems like the very  next day you're boxing up your belongings to ship happens that quick.
That brings us to episode 14 of our OFFSIDES PodCast.  2015 is going to start moving incredibly quickly for the guys in Green and White, and very soon we'll be transitioning out of the CFL talk and onto the off season phase of our work!
So while we're still in it, literally and figuratively if you're the Saskatchewan Roughriders, we can expect to be handed some good conversation pieces as we near the playoffs and Grey Cup Championship picture.
Todays conversation touches on how the CFL should feel as a league if a 5/6 win team actually makes the playoffs.  One of the points of emphasis here is that if the CFL wants to improve the quality of play, then it has to improve the quality of coaching.
My favourite part of the PodCast is our discussion on WHY it's so hard for some players to transition into successful coaches.  Usually Etch will question the validity of a "thin-resumed" former player as a coach, but this episode he actually broke down for us some of the potential barriers that prevent guys from transitioning from the field to the Coaching Office.  You'll love the "Mike Tyson" reference Etch hits us with, but the whole segment was a bit of an eye-opener.
Check it out our work below, and don't forget that it's downloadable by clicking on the title.
Thanks for checking in with us today, we'll talk soon!!!

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  1. I trust next week's episode will explore how the Montreal defense has declined so dramatically this season. Now their whole team is equally inept in all three phases and should be ranked at the bottom of the CFL in the upcoming Power Rankings.