Wednesday, 21 October 2015

OFFSIDES...The PodCast. Episode 17!

This just might be our BEST EPISODE YET, or maybe it was because we were just excited about todays content...

Either way, we had a blast taping this OFFSIDES episode because instead of talking about the unfortunate situation in Riderville, we talked CFL Playoff Football!

First we talked about the "Hot Potato" that has become the 3rd slot in the Western Conference Playoff picture, and shed light on the TEAM THAT REALLY HAS THE DRIVERS SEAT in that race; it may not be the team that you were thinking of folks!

After getting that settled we took a look at every team that has already clinched a berth in the dance, and analyzed what each team needed to do, in order for them to WIN the 2015 Grey Cup Championship. 

The conversation did me some good, because it got me excited about the CFL game again...We've been so caught up in the trials and tribulations of the Saskatchewan Roughriders out here, and it's really distracted us from the fact that there is about to be some really exciting football going on outside of our Green Bubble that is #Ridernation!

After spending the majority of the time in that realm, we jump out briefly to chat about whether or not the CFL needs to push its schedule up a bit, so old retired pros like me will stop complaining about the weather!  Coach and I also get into an interesting back-and-forth about how special this league really is, and one gets another glimpse of Coach Etcheverry's passion for the CFL, especially when it comes to things like player salaries, and the amazing effect that it has on Saskatchewns grassroots football programs.

We wrap up the show by talking about "OPPORTUNITY".  It's a word that is synonymous with professional sports and I felt it was a great way to conclude our show, and plug my recent stint with the Regina Thunder...

Hit the link folks, I think you're gonna like this one!

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