Thursday, 29 October 2015

OFFSIDES...The PodCast. Episode 18

In todays PodCast we continue to delve into the CFL Playoff conversation, and address the question of whether or not some top tier teams in the CFL have gotten that much better, or could we argue that the other squads in this league have actually gotten worse?  Coach Etch's take on it is that the League is NOT improving, and talks about the CFL needing to be VERY concerned about this.
Another topic that may concern the league, that we touch on, is the fact the offensive schemes are not only ineffective, but the CFL should be embarrassed about this because the league has made sure that the rules heavily favour offenses and their quest to run up points.
As we continue on, Coach and I go back and forth about how to calm Riderrnation down amongst all the demands for change, and Craig Reynolds' outlook and who he may look to lean on during all the decisions that he has ahead of him.
We hope you enjoy the 18th Episode of our PodCast.  Don't forget that you can download the show by clicking on the title in the embedded link. 

See you guys out on the town, and thanks for stopping and talking ball!  Hit the jump...

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