Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Picking Week 16 in the CFL


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WOW...There's a lot of football coming at us this week.  Today's home game in Ottawa, for the Toronto Argos, kicks off a weird but cool set of games for the CFL. 
If you're a fan of both the NFL and Canadian game you're getting a TON OF BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!  Take a deep breath as we review our sched...When we look at the past Sunday NFL action, add the Monday Nighter (last night) which was a good game, throw in todays clash in the East, add Thursdays Colts/Texans game, plus Fridays Sask game, the rest of the CFL games on Saturday (plus the NCAA), and then another NFL Sunday...We're spoiled rotten with pigskin as of late, "It's a GREAT time to be ALIVE," as Drizzy Drake (the Toronto born rapper) would say.
Mike McCullough helped us out last week and went 3-1.  This week we'll have a go at it alone.  Either way, I hope these picks help you out in whatever form of friendly wagers and Fantasy Pools that you indulge in...
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Ottawa @ Toronto (in Ottawa)
Scott Milanovich must be so sick of being kicked around and drug through the mud.  The Toronto Argos have been a dumpster fire in every aspect of their franchise EXCEPT on the field mostly in part of the incredible job that Milanovich has done in keeping his team focused on football, and not letting them get distracted by the huge pink elephant that continually tramples through their seasons.
Much Respect!
There's two games that stick out in the schedule this week, and it's this game and the Edmonton/ Calgary clash.  The last time these two rivals met, Ottawa seemed to make a few mistakes and took some penalties etc that they just couldn't recover from.
As it goes with re-matches, I would expect Ottawa to come out with a much more focused effort on the disciplinary issues that plagued their results in the Rogers centre, not too long ago.  Tis division is up for grabs right now, and it's going to be great watching all the Eastern Teams battle it out for that coveted Bye Week in the first Semi-Final game of the divisions.
I'll take the RedBlacks to make amends for an odd showing earlier.
Pick: Ottawa
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton
If we're looking honestly at the situation that the Roughriders face, there isn't much reason to get excited.  When teams and media start celebrating a "mathematical" possibility for any post-season opportunity, it usually is the tell-tale sign of there being no chance. 
The team leaves on Wednesday in order to better prep and get used to the time change in Hamilton.  We'll keep an eye on the weather here and hope that this game isn't a repeat of last weeks weather in the Steel City which forced both teams to play in a wind tunnel.
Hamilton doesn't need any motivation to get up for this one.  We stated above that the Eastern Division may be up for grabs heading down the final stretch  and the TiCats will look to Jeff Matthews to build upon an up and down outing against the Stampeders. 
As the sun begins to set on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, fans should take in as much as they can of this 2015 squad.  Things are going to look very different next year and one may be running out of time to see their favourite players suit up in the Green and White.  It's just the reality of the situation that the Riders are in.
Pick: Hamilton
Edmonton @ Calgary
I can't wait for this game.  These two split their Labour Day "Battle of Alberta" installments and look poised to finish 1 & 2 in the West.  One of the things that remain undetermined is who will be at the top when the smoke clears
We talk all the time about teams needing to be playing their best football as the final 1/3 of the season concludes and both teams seem to be accelerating right now while the rest of the division is trying to get out of neutral.  All bets are off here...It looks like a toss-up.  Rule of thumb in a hotly contested battle:  Go with the home team.
Pick: Calgary
Winnipeg @ BC
"When McDonalds has an opportunity to put Burger King out of business...they're going to do it!!!"
That's a quote from one of my favourite coaches in the CFL, and it provides a great synopsis about what this game is about.  BC has a chance to step on the throat of another team trying to claim the 3rd spot in the division.  Last week they disposed of the Riders behind an UNREAL effort from their rookie QB, and this week the Leos can bury another team looking to gain ground within the bottom of the conference.  Now I know that it's not that great to talk about the battle for the BOTTOM of a conference but as we all read in our LIONS PRIMER from last week; if there's something to play for, athletes will always hold onto that as huge motivation.
Pick: British Columbia

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