Friday, 30 October 2015

Quick Update

Just wanted to update those who are looking for this Weeks Stampeders Primer that we put out on the day before every game.

We're going to put the Primer and 'Gotta Have It' Columns together tomorrow as my schedule has been chalked full of work today.

Today the Red Cross launched its Red Cross Pink Day campaign in anticipation of Red Cross Pink Day on February 24thI am heavily involved with that program as many of you know and the launch took up a large part of the day.  Feel free to click the link or contact me about how YOU can be more involved in the Red Crosses IMAGINE NO BULLYING program!

Anyway, I'm also headed to drop in on Football Friday and the Sportscage this afternoon, and then will be fortunate enough to do the Colour Commentary for the Rams vs. Huskies CIS game.  Head on in to Mosaic Stadium tonight as this HUGE Rivalry game plays out UNDER THE LIGHTS.

See you at MOSAIC!!!

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