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Thanksgiving Mailbag!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...
At we have a TON of things to be thankful for, and it all pertains to you guys.  Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to add this blog to your daily reading rituals.  It's nice, as a former pro, to talk ball with all of you and continue to build into the CFLs Greatest Fan Base.
While you're recovering from your Turkey Coma's and family get-togethers, we took a look at the questions that have come in since the Riders last game, and funnily enough, all 9 of them had to do with the same question!
We'll take a brief moment to address your main concerns, and maybe we'll throw it at Rod on my weekly spot as a guest on his Thanksgiving Day Sportscage show today at 4pm on 620 CKRM.
Talk to you all soon!!!
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·         What side of the ball would you target Free Agents? O or D
First and foremost, the Saskatchewan Roughriders need to name a GM, and then a Head Coach.  It’s impossible to negotiate with any free agents without presenting a solidified front in the Football Operations department.  There isn’t a Free Agent in his right mind that is going to commit to a team that can’t honestly tell them him who his coach will be, what his Coordinator will be running, and how he fits into the overall plans. 
The second concern for the Roughriders is that there aren’t any quick fixes to the situation that they’re in because there were a lot of holes in this year’s 2015 team.  The initial order of business, AND MOST IMPORTANT, will be to figure out who is going to remain with the club moving INTO 2016, and then either fill those spots from within or look outside (Free Agency).
From an outsiders point of view, one of the areas of concern is the Saskatchewan secondary both ‘nationally’, ‘internationally’ and scheme-wise (I say that because players need to be put in positions to make plays just as much as they’re asked to).  One of the glaring discrepancies over the last two weeks was the fact that if the Defensive Line couldn’t get home (sack the QB) there was players WIDE open all over the field.  Whether they played zone or man, it seemed as though the Riders coverage was constantly out of position to defend against any underneath routes, and definitely struggled against the deep ball. 
People have to remember that the Green and White DBs were asked to go through a very tough philosophical transition with the new set of rules, as it applied to the coverage aspect of the game.  What made the Riders so good in the past couple of years was their ability to lock down guys in man coverage, and unfortunately a couple of those same players appeared to struggle with how they were being asked to defend this year.
Now we have to be fair.  It isn’t just on the secondary, but if we’re talking NEED, then that’s the spot.
If we were to play “Arm-Chair GM”, I would target the DB positions.
Any other situation that transpires, in terms of positional groups and Free Agency, is going to involve a fair amount of speculation on my end.  The team may look to sign one of the High Value Canadian D-Tackles that may be looking for a pay-day, or they might check out what type of Offensive Linemen are kicking around; who knows?  In talking to a couple of my friends who are agents in the CFL, there is going to be some special talent available in February, and thankfully Saskatchewan remains as attractive as ever despite this year’s slide. 
As soon as the Saskatchewan Roughriders name their GM (#TeamOday) and fill the Head Coach position, things will start falling into place…Nothing happens until the Front Office is taken care of.

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  1. While you are fundamentally correct on a number of observations, there are some glaring omissions. The placement kicking needs to improve and actually become a weapon. The receiving corps needs an overhaul going beyond just potential.

    O'Day is nothing more than a trainee at this point of his evolution. He has been a part of this problem and has only articled under a GM with a career .440 winning record. Simply not good enough! This team faces huge issues defensively, offensively, scouting, and not least of all coaching. Considering what lays ahead the Riders MUST bring in someone with proven credentials and the "ability" to fix everything not the "potential" to fix everything. There is no football organization anywhere that would view O'Day as a permanent GM at this point. Dyce would likely have a tough time gaining employment in the special teams area and wouldn't be on anyones radar for a HC position. Handing the controls to a terribly inexperienced GM with no coaching experience will end catastrophically. The shameless promotion of this man at this point is a disservice to the Riders and their fan base. They need and deserve much more. It also doesn't help when a new experienced guy come in here and learns of all the cronyism that is very evident.