Friday, 2 October 2015

Wk 15 LIONS Primer!

To the rest of the Canadian Football League world, the fact that a humble population of Green Goggled Ridernation faithful still cling to some sort of vague hope that the Saskatchewan Roughriders will make the playoffs is ABSOLUTELY Ludacris. 


From an outsider’s point of view, it’s almost comical.  The team has 2 wins…”Come on Man,” as my 

Dawg T in Toronto put it, “People don’t actually believe it’s possible do they???  


Even when one does the math and tries to pinpoint exactly what the Green and White need to do to have a chance at any type of post-season, the concoction of “what has to happen” and the role the Riders need to play in all of it, is exhausting.


SO WHAT SHOULD RIDERNATION MAKE OF ALL OF THIS???  Is everyone in Saskatchewan losing their minds?  Is local media doing a disservice to its followers by continuing to pour the watermelon Kool-Aid?  Are fans stuck on stupid and walking around with blinders on?


The answer to all of the questions surrounding the current state of the CFLs favourite franchise is this…


You’re not crazy.  You’re being “typical Saskie wingnuts” that can’t see past the Green Mile.  It’s not stupid for you to continue to believe in your team’s chances to get into the playoffs.  You shouldn’t feel awkward that you’re rocking your Green and White jersey this weekend, and you don’t have to apologize to anyone for doing so.


As long as there is quantifiable hope in the Saskatchewan Roughrider Locker Room and Coach Bobby Dyce can look his guys dead in the eye and say, “Fellas, we still have a shot at this” then you should all continue to BELIEVE.  


We’ve talked about this over and over before folks.  Players don’t spend time reading the paper or listening to the call-in shows.  They take the opinions of the “analysts” on the TSN panel and other outlets with a grain of salt.  Even I, as a Former Pro that has close friends on that team, can sit here and type an entire bullsh*t column on the team being the worst team in the history of sports, and nobody in that locker room would raise one eyebrow.  


The 2015 Saskatchewan Roughriders are invested in each other, it’s the only thing that has given them a chance up until this point, and it’s the only thing keeping them afloat for the time being.  That is what allows you to continue to believe in them.


All a football player needs to know is that there is a chance.  No “BUT’s” and no “If’s”…“Just tell me I have a shot, leave the rest of it to me, I don’t care about the scenarios”.  Its sports in a nutshell.  Control what one can control and ignore the white noise.


To a pessimist, or someone who isn’t used to adversity being engrained in everything one does, that whole notion is crazy.  They’ll tell you to “be realistic” but that’s why they’ll never have an opportunity like this in their lifetime.  The dream of being a professional athlete comes with a lifetime permission slip to BELIEVE IN THE IMPOSSIBLE until the very end.


Expect a great game tomorrow (Saturday).  There is belief in that Locker Room.  The motivation is not that one’s job is on the line, or one has to impress so-and-so; there is still something greater to play for in the eyes of those athletes.  

One craves for this hope as a competitor.  Without it the “business side of things” takes a full grip.  Don’t get me wrong, the business side of football will always play out, but as long as there’s hope the wolves will be kept at bay.


Some of the greatest movies and stories of my time feature a brave champion or group of warriors that battle to the death, with good and bad results…All because of hope; because there was something to believe in.  


Flicks like BraveheartGladiator300, and the leader King Leonidas, The Mighty DucksRudy, I could list a thousand of em, and so could you.  Even if the main character was headed for certain death, hope kept your attention and kept you rooting for the hero.


Don’t feel any type of emotion other than pride when cheering on your beloved Roughriders against the Lions.  Ignore the naysayers and doubters.  Ignore the analysts and the experts.  Right now the Saskatchewan Roughriders are a team of hope and belief, and they’ll ride those sentiments until the wheels come off.  


Don’t feel the need to apologize to anyone for believing right along with them…  


There’s still a chance…Cups up to the boys keeping that hope alive.










  1. Now you got MY hopes up!! :-P It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings... or until she does the math and tells us it ain't gonna work out! #BELIEVE

  2. Kelly Remple is right, I am sorry to say, the Riders have as much chance as a snow ball inside his neighbour's Hot Yoga studio.