Friday, 27 November 2015


Our Grey Cup Edition of our OFFSIDES podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure!

On todays show Coach Etch and I spent the entire podcast taking a look at the 103rd Grey Cup battle between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Ottawa RedBlacks, from Winnipeg Manitoba!

We do briefly touch on a couple of other subjects that Coach wanted to address from the previous Conference Final games last weekend, mainly, Etch has some strong opinions on the colour commentary work done by Saskatchewan's own Glenn Suitor.  Now that I've done a few colour commentary jobs myself now, and I've come to recognize how hard that job actually is, so I hope that Etch hasn't been listening in on my work as young up and coming broadcaster, otherwise I may be in for a good talking to haha!!!

The link to the show is below as always.  We're having a great time here in Winnipeg, and I can't wait to get this 103rd Grey Cup game kicked off.  I'll probably change my prediction 100 more times between now and Sunday, but I  hope you guys enjoy what we have for you today!!!

Talk soon folks...Hit the jump...

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