Wednesday, 16 December 2015

OFFSIDES...The Podcast. 25th Episode

As the momentum keeps building in Ridernation Coach Etch and I keep looking further into the CFL landscape and how Chris Jones' short tenure here has already thrown the league into disarray!

On todays episode, we lead off with talking about Jones' replacement in Edmonton, Jason Maas, and how Etch feels about Ed Hervey's decision to hire a coach relatively "less-seasoned" than the Eskimo's are used to.  If you're a follower of the Offsides podcast, you can probably already guess what Coach Etcheverry (who has 35 years of coaching experience) thinks.

One of the more interesting parts of todays show comes when we talk about Jeremy O'Day's new role and John Murphy, who steps into the Vice-Presidents role from Calgary.  Murphy is definitely an interesting character and I think that he feels that he can be himself a little more now that he's out from under the Stampeder shadows (for lack of a better term).  I think the more you guys hear from Murphy, the more you're going to like him.

Last episode Coach Etch told us all to "not be surprised" if Saskatchewan is not only in the Grey Cup next year, but WINS IT.  This week he doesn't back off of that foreshadowing either.  We finish a great conversation by taking another look at what Jones' hiring in Riderville has done to the rest of the CFL.

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Talk soon folks!


  1. I bet you that Producer Sam can supply coach Etch with some organic products!

  2. I agree with what Etch said about how this Riders team will be so much better with the organization moving away from those 19 players, and old coaches.

    I think the Riders should hire Producer Sam, that guy is amazing on the radio.

  3. Great show! Etch is a gem and has forgotten more than most of the idiots who posted last week. O'Day had a thin resume and Reynolds knew it. Jones brings ten times more than O'day ever could, and so does Murphy. Only the know-nothing supporters of O'Day would think otherwise. O'Day doesn't have the experience or background. He has a chance to learn and expand his experience base in a winning environment. Right now he's a pencil pusher but if he keeps his eyes open and his mouth shut, he will get a lot of post graduate work he needs. Tutoring under a lifetime losing GM (.440) doesn't automatically give you a right to the top job. That mentality is total BS.