Thursday, 31 December 2015

Our Final OFFSIDES Podcast of 2015!

Before gets started with it's new content in 2016, we felt it was only right to hit you up with one last OFFSIDES episode!

We kept it fairly general in todays episode.  I wanted to get Coach Etch's opinion on the moratorium that CFL Commissioner David Orridge imposed a couple of weeks back.  It has been awhile since that was done, but I thought it was valuable to get an actual coaches opinion.  Etch actually eluded to the fact that he's in the position to say what many of the currently employed coaches cannot.
Our listeners will appreciate it because he uses a business owners analogy to lay it out for us.

Other topics include more insight into the "real investment" that coaches at any level have to make, and we put a cap on the Chris Jones hiring like only can.

Anyways, I'm off to watch the rest of the Sugar Bowl and then will have all my attention on the Cotton Bowl as my Alma Mater MSU takes on Alabama in the second game of the College Football Semi-Final.

January 4th marks the new year for our work and I cannot wait to get some of our new content going for you.  I'll keep it under lock and key for now, but I'm positive you guys will love what we've got planned.

Hit the jump and enjoy the final podcast from in 2015!

Happy New Years Folks!!!


  1. Luc, not to be overly critical, but please look up the difference between 'eluded' and 'alluded'.

  2. Any updates on Producer Sam?