Friday, 11 December 2015

We're Back!!! Here's our first OFFSIDES Podcast of the CFL Off Season!!!

We took a break here on after the Grey Cup game. 

The time off was used mainly to plan our attack on the 2015/2016 Off Season, and now that we've had some time to scheme up some things, we're hitting the ground running with another OFFSIDES Podcast featuring myself, and Coach Gary Etcheverry!

With things moving FAST in the CFL right now, we figured it would be best to slow things down a bit, especially for those in Ridernation, and really examine what the Chris Jones hiring in Saskatchewan represents to the organization and the rest of the League.  I think you guys will find our talking points around this situation pretty valuable, as you may not have thought about some of these things as yet.  Really, WHO'S HAD TIME TO THINK???  There's been announcement after announcement from the minute Edmonton got home with the Grey Cup!

After analyzing the Chris Jones scenario, we take a look at the ripple effect that the rest of the CFL teams will be feeling, and begin touching on Off Season processes in general.

Many of you are going to be blown away at the end where Coach Etch makes a BOLD predication for the way next years season may wind up.

Things have already started getting interesting around here, and we're only a couple of weeks into the Off Season!  I hope you guys enjoy this installment of our Podcast.

It's good to be back, and I feel like we've got some cool things in store for you while you patiently await the month of JUNE.

Hit the jump for the latest episode of OFFSIDES...


  1. Any one who thinks that Murphy and Jones are more qualified than O"Day as a GM is 100% nuts - that is a total joke.
    Jones is a coach and how good is yet to e determined as he only has 2 years under his belt - same as CC.
    Murphy is a scout - thats it !!

  2. I can't believe that everyone has not figured out that the only Riders gave Jones the GM tittle is because that is the only way they could get him as a HC and DC which is where they wanted him as they need a fix on D. I could prove this to you but unfortunately I am not a liberty to do so. So guess why O'Day is with the Riders - he is the real GM.

    As for Murphy well, he is a scout - that is it. There is a reason he has never got a better job with the Stamps or elsewhere.

  3. Amazing - all of a sudden everyone else is better than anyone associated with the Riders and DD is taking a pay cut. What stupidity !!!!!

    1. DD will take a pay cut! Absolutely! No one even knows if he is ready for next season! You think the Riders are going to take his word for it?

    2. As always, Coach Etch, erudite and insightful, looking forward to the next podcast better than "anonymous" prattle. Thanks Luc.

  4. Great podcast as always!
    I hope Chris Jones doesn't fire Producer Sam for the Riders broadcasts. Producer Sam is amazing!

  5. Not sure how producer sam hasn't worked his way up to coach by now. Better than half the competition out there

  6. Hey Luc, would you ever consider doing a podcast with Producer Sam breaking down his perspective? I am sure Producer Sam can give some great insight on the CFL.

  7. Producer Sam should make a special guest appearance on the offsides podcast!

  8. I agree with Etch's comments about Hervey's ego getting jealous over Chris Jones getting all the credit for the Eskimos success. That's why he & Len Rhodes let Jones walk away so easily