Wednesday, 20 January 2016

OFFSIDES. The Podcast 20/01/16

It's as cold as ever here in #Ridernation, but hopefully another episode of our OFFSIDES podcast warms you guys up again...or not...
Well, at least we'll give you a solid Football Discussion that you can listen to as you go about your day!

Much like last weeks episode, as soon as we finished the show today, news of Doubles re-signing in Riderville broke, so we don't cover that topic, however we do put the John Chick and Weston Dressler story to bed.  We used the loss of two legendary Roughriders to set the table for the next steps that both players must take in order to stay at the level that they've produced over the next couple of years.  The concept that Etch shares of "Making the Team" actually becomes the theme (if you will) to the whole show.

For those of you, and there are MANY, who are still up in arms over the sudden departure of U of R Head Coach Mike Gibson to Edmonton, we don't feed your fire in todays talk.  Instead, we focus you guys in on what the signing means to the 2015 Grey Cup Champs!

Speaking of Coaches, Riderville's most polarizing figure Kent Austin re-upped in the Steel City so we definitely had to throw that in the pool of topics today, and we finished with a brief look at the NFL Conference Finals.  I CANNOT WAIT TO THESE CONTESTS PLAY OUT THIS WEEKEND!

I think you guys will like this weeks podcast, most of all I want to thank you for your continued support!  As always, embedded below is the link to listen to, or download.


Thursday, 14 January 2016

OFFSIDES...The Podcast. 14/01/16

Unfortunately we filmed this OFFSIDES episode prior to the huge transactions that were made by the Saskatchewan Roughriders as of early Thursday evening, so Coach Etch and I don't weigh in on that news during this show.

What IS on this episode of OFFSIDES is a great theory behind the Minnesota Vikings missing the last second Field Goal that would have advanced them past the Seattle Seahawks last weekend in the NFL Wild Card games.  We also  take a look into a question that Coach Etch has heard a couple of times recently...Can the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the last place NFL team, or in our case, a CFL squad.  Under Nick Saban, it hasn't even been close over the last few years and we take a serious look into how the NCAA Champ would fare against, let's say THE RIDERS.

Etch and I also take a quick peek at the recent coaching spots that have been filled this week, and I try to get Etch to explain, in his own way, what the toughest OFFENSIVE CONCEPTS in the CFL are, and how to stop them...His answer did not go the way I had originally intended.

Hope you guys enjoy the show.  Our fight to find the time to give you more content continues, unfortunately with the things I have going in REAL LIFE, it's been tough to put stuff out that's actually of value and doesn't add to the fodder that's floated periodically...We're trying folks.  Stick with us...As always the downloadable link is below.

Talk Soon!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

OFFSIDES...The Podcast. 1st episode of 2016!

Welcome to 2016 everyone! 
Our first OFFSIDES podcast of the new year was a fun one!
We open up with a great piece focused on Tom Coughlin, who recently stepped down as Head Coach of the New York Football Giants after 12 seasons and 2 Super Bowls.  As a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I've come to appreciate Tom Coughlin's story and coaching methods.  He's a true legend and Coach Etch gives you guys some insight on what makes him so special.
From there we head over to Saskatchewan and talk a bit about Jordan Cooper and the brief opinion post he left in the Leader Post late last week.  The article questioned the hiring of Chris Jones, which would be fine if he had provided a little bit more research to back up what he was talking about.  I let Etch do the heavy lifting here because we all know what he thinks about "media narratives".  I'm used to media guys having opinions that aren't often based on anything but generalizations and as a player never really read the papers.  I'm sure it would have drove me off the brink if I had.
The Coach and I also get into the sweet piece done on about the (very early) candidates for MOP in 2016.  This actually goes off into more narrative busting, but also leads into a great look at actual football strategy.
As Coach Etch is drawing his point out he gets into the topic of formations and schemes, and that is when I ask him to explain ZERO-6 personnel and how some Defensive Coordinators in the CFL may scheme against this look.  I'm really happy we got a chance to do this and I'm going to try and get into more strategic football talk as the off season goes on in order to really let you guys into the football war room.  All of you future Defensive Coordinators out there who are just sitting on the cusp of greatness; I'm sure you will like these segments from now on.
In closing I mention that we'll be taking all questions in the comment section and answering them in the following weeks podcast, from this point on.  It will be a way for us to semi-continue what we did in the "Mailbag" column during the year, but now you guys will get the opinion of a former Pro AND a former Coach.
Coming at you this week after this podcast will be an interesting piece on becoming a CFL Player Agent, and the nuances that need to be accounted for when dealing with CFL player salaries in this day and age of our game.
You guys will surely enjoy it.
Much love folks!  Talk soon.  As always, the link to the podcast is below.  Listen right off the site, or download it by hitting the title in order to listen to it wherever your travels take you.