Wednesday, 20 January 2016

OFFSIDES. The Podcast 20/01/16

It's as cold as ever here in #Ridernation, but hopefully another episode of our OFFSIDES podcast warms you guys up again...or not...
Well, at least we'll give you a solid Football Discussion that you can listen to as you go about your day!

Much like last weeks episode, as soon as we finished the show today, news of Doubles re-signing in Riderville broke, so we don't cover that topic, however we do put the John Chick and Weston Dressler story to bed.  We used the loss of two legendary Roughriders to set the table for the next steps that both players must take in order to stay at the level that they've produced over the next couple of years.  The concept that Etch shares of "Making the Team" actually becomes the theme (if you will) to the whole show.

For those of you, and there are MANY, who are still up in arms over the sudden departure of U of R Head Coach Mike Gibson to Edmonton, we don't feed your fire in todays talk.  Instead, we focus you guys in on what the signing means to the 2015 Grey Cup Champs!

Speaking of Coaches, Riderville's most polarizing figure Kent Austin re-upped in the Steel City so we definitely had to throw that in the pool of topics today, and we finished with a brief look at the NFL Conference Finals.  I CANNOT WAIT TO THESE CONTESTS PLAY OUT THIS WEEKEND!

I think you guys will like this weeks podcast, most of all I want to thank you for your continued support!  As always, embedded below is the link to listen to, or download.



  1. It would be nice to have Producer Sam take a pay cut for the team too.

  2. Good stuff, Coach Etch.


  4. What is taking so long for Producer Sam to upload the next podcast?
    Pick it up Producer Sam.

  5. Luc

    Will there be another podcast in the near future? I would love to hear Etch's take on FA etc.

    Dave from Saskatoon