Thursday, 14 January 2016

OFFSIDES...The Podcast. 14/01/16

Unfortunately we filmed this OFFSIDES episode prior to the huge transactions that were made by the Saskatchewan Roughriders as of early Thursday evening, so Coach Etch and I don't weigh in on that news during this show.

What IS on this episode of OFFSIDES is a great theory behind the Minnesota Vikings missing the last second Field Goal that would have advanced them past the Seattle Seahawks last weekend in the NFL Wild Card games.  We also  take a look into a question that Coach Etch has heard a couple of times recently...Can the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the last place NFL team, or in our case, a CFL squad.  Under Nick Saban, it hasn't even been close over the last few years and we take a serious look into how the NCAA Champ would fare against, let's say THE RIDERS.

Etch and I also take a quick peek at the recent coaching spots that have been filled this week, and I try to get Etch to explain, in his own way, what the toughest OFFENSIVE CONCEPTS in the CFL are, and how to stop them...His answer did not go the way I had originally intended.

Hope you guys enjoy the show.  Our fight to find the time to give you more content continues, unfortunately with the things I have going in REAL LIFE, it's been tough to put stuff out that's actually of value and doesn't add to the fodder that's floated periodically...We're trying folks.  Stick with us...As always the downloadable link is below.

Talk Soon!

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  1. I knew that Etch was a fan of McAdoo, but did not know he thought of him that highly. Should be great to see the Riders under his system this year!

    I think one of the better OC's in the CFL is Producer Sam, he just does not get enough credit for his play calling.