Tuesday, 22 March 2016

OFFSIDES, The PodCast (21/03/16)

As we push through a bit of a CFL hibernation period, our episode this week starts off by fondly remembering Ken Picot.  He was popular CFL referee with over 300 games and 8 Grey Cups contests under his belt.  Mr. Picot was heavily involved in the football circles here in Saskatchewan and he'll surely be missed by many.

Moving on, Coach Etch and I touch a subject that seems to be popping up a lot as of late, and that's the issue surrounding professional team names and logo's that are considered offensive in 2016.
Trying not to get too political is tough when it comes to this topic, but I'm really curious to know what the general public feels about organizational name changes?  The potential switch we put on the table is the Edmonton Eskimo's being asked to re-consider their branding.

We couldn't have done a podcast in March without talking about the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Today I asked Etch whether he thinks that the "upsets" that we see every year (for example, Middle Tennessee over Michigan State) are truly upsets, or are the bigger schools simply getting out-coached in these games?

To close out, we talk Juwan Simpson, Bobby Knight, and hit you guys with our second installment of FOOTBALL POETRY!!!

Here's the link to the show, and as usual, we hope you enjoy!
Thanks for hanging with us, and continuing to talk BALL!!!

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