Monday, 14 March 2016

OFFSIDES, the Podcast...Trading Combine Stories

This weeks OFFSIDES podcast episode comes off the heels of the CFL Combine.  Today's show doesn't get into the teeth of what happened at the evaluation camp because all of our conversation was prior to Saturday, however the majority of our references to the national combine have to do with theory and what the day represents to pro football. 

Translation:  We weren't concerned with the players per say...

Coach Etch and I talk a lot about experience on OFFSIDES (resumes) so it was only right that we open the show talking about Wally Buono bringing Bob O'Billovich back into the fold as a scout, along with the well-seasoned Bill Diedrick.

One thing is for certain, Wally is putting some significant around Geroy Simon who was recently named Director of CIS Scouting and Player Personnel.

We move on to an interesting idea behind a potential concern that some NCAA players bring with them when they attend the CFL Combine as well as Etch's CFL combine go-to test and the reasoning behind his fondness for it.

It wouldn't be our podcast if we didn't go back to memory lane and talk about some memorable combine moments that we both have personally, but overall we use the combine scenario to delve into some important information that you guys will surely appreciate...
I even took a favourite quote from our chat,
"If you can't win without money, you won't win with it..."

To close, Coach Etch and I discuss new rule changes that have been tabled by the CFL and what we both think about them, which many of you have heard me talk about on radio, but we end the show with a little poetry a la Gary Etcheverry, and I ask you all to really think about it, because we're going to have Etch drop another Jewel next episode.

As always, our OFFSIDES podcast is embedded below.  We love talking ball w2ith you guys, and we're excited about continuing the conversation all the way into JUNE!!!

Cheers ya'll...Enjoy

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