Saturday, 5 March 2016


FINALLY!  The offseason is over folks and to lead us off, after our hiatus, we're dropping our first OFFSIDES podcast in a very long time! 

This will be the first installment of some consistent content heading into the heavily anticipated 2016 CFL season as the #IsItJuneYet hashtag starts making its rounds on social media. 

There's a lot that we're going to be touching on in the coming weeks.  Everything from CFL spring camps down south, to the CFL evaluation camps, and the eventual 2016 Draft.  At the very least we'll try and quench your thirst for some type of football in a way that only can spin it.

So let's roll...Welcome back everyone.  We've missed talking ball with you!

As I stated at the top, today's OFFSIDES episode comes off the heels of a long break so it was relatively easy for Coach Etch and I to plan a show because we hadn't gotten together in a while...It was essentially a catch-up session!  You'll hear us referencing a podcast that we did while I was on the road a few times, and we do this because the episode didn't record properly and we lost some really good content! 

Thankfully history does not repeat itself, and the show we recorded yesterday made it through and is embedded below in its entirety.

Coach Etch and I spent much of the show focusing in on our thoughts surrounding the free agency period and how the league looks now that most of the big name players have landed and the various coaching staffs are starting to get into their football "routines".  Our discussion paints a good picture of the West Division and some of the more interesting scenarios playing out specifically in Winnipeg and BC.  Etch goes in deep with his opinion on the issues that are going to be looking Wally Buono in the face, and provides us some GREAT information from his "sources" surrounding the curious signing of Keith Shologan in Winnipeg.  In the era of value and salary-cap issues, I think you guys are going to love what's in store here.

Don't worry Ridernation, we've got you covered as well.  As a matter of fact, Coach Etch drops his 2016 GREY CUP PREDICTION and really presents a good case for all of you that are going through a fair amount of anxiety over the off-season so far in Riderville!  Unfortunately this segment is marred by an error that Coach Etch and I both make for some unexplained reason, and we refer to New Offensive Coordinator Coach McAdoo's first name as Kevin, and not the correct name which is STEPHEN.  I actually don't know how this happened, as Coach Etch is a huge fan of Coach McAdoo and I have been saying his name correctly on the radio for months!!!
Anyway, I'd like to go on the record and give a HUGE APOLOGY for the mistake to Coach McAdoo, and his family.  This will NEVER happen again.

It felt great to be back talking ball, and as we closed the show out talking about how effective TIM TEBOW would really be in the CFL, I realized that I to have fallen into CFL withdrawals and cannot wait to get the pads poppin this summer!!!

Hit the jump below, or click on the title to download it for your listening pleasure at a later time.  We're glad to be back blogging again, and think that you guys are going to love our first drop, after some time away!

Talk soon folks!


  1. Glad you are back. Excellent podcast. Keep up the good work. Love the insight both of you bring to the game. By far the best primer on the CFL that's available.

    Dave from Saskatoon

  2. Producer Sam lost the podcast........