Sunday, 5 June 2016

OFFSIDES. The Podcast. CFL West Division Preview

There's been a fair amount of questions during Training Camp regarding when our first OFFSIDES podcast of the 2016 CFL season was going to drop so HERE IT IS folks! 

Coach Etch and I figured our listenership would benefit most if, instead of talking about one team all show, we gave a general overview of the things to watch out for (from our perspective) across the CFL. 

I realized halfway through the WESTERN DIVISION analysis that this show going to be a long one so what we've done is cut it into 2 parts.  We'll run the first part today and the next part on WEDNESDAY.

Todays show dissects every team starting out West with BC and I think that you guys will enjoy the theme that we lay out for the West, which is essentially that the entire division consists of more questions than answer.  Etch and I try to paint a picture as to why this is good for Saskatchewan Roughrider fans but in an effort to not shortchange the fans we make sure to dive into each team as much as possible! 

Topics range from what a Wally Buono team looks like, to some VERY INTERESTING REVELATIONS regarding Mike Benevides and his tenure not only as DC so far, but his peculiar journey last season.  Etch also gets into the plight that Winnipeg has in front of them, while pointing out the Mike O'Shea is now officially the longest tenured HC in the Western Conference!

You guys will enjoy todays show, and the one we drop Wednesday will include a detailed look at the Eastern Division as well as our overall thoughts about the pending CFL year.

As always the show is embedded below to listen to now or download for later. 
We're getting into the swing of things folks!  Glad to have you guys talking ball with us here on #ProPerspective.

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