Thursday, 23 June 2016

OFFSIDES...The Opening Bell

We're now on iTunes!!! (More on that in a moment)

Now that we're completely dialed in to the 2016 CFL year, this episode of OFFSIDES takes a look at the 1st week of a loaded CFL schedule.

As Coach and I go through the upcoming games, like today's in the inaugural contest at BMP Field, we touch on some points that you guys may not have thought about in your Canadian Football conversations.

During our look at Tor/Ham, Etch makes a point of bringing up the historical slow starts to Kent Austin's Hamilton squad over the last couple of years, and we also stick to that line of though in reverse as we look at Winnipeg's knack for starting out fast under Mike O'Shea.

We round out the convo with a fair question that can be posed to CFL fans out there, which I'll leave to the podcast, and speak about how important it is for guys in the locker room to know exactly WHO THE BOSS IS.

On another note, as mentioned at the top, you guys can now find us on iTunes!!!  Hit the link below in order to subscribe and receive direct notifications about when we drop our episodes.  We were at the point where it only made sense for us to become as accessible as possible to you guys because the response to this podcast has been great.  THANK YOU!!!

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OFFSIDES...The Opening Bell

Talk soon folks!!!

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  1. Hi Luc. Just wondering where coach Etcheverry gets his stat. package from. I looked on and it seems basic, unless it is different now that the season has started. Is there another site one can download the stats from?

    Keep up the good work!