Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Quick Pause In The Action

Hey folks...I've had to take a quick break in the action as far as these Training Camp articles go.  One of the things that a football player has to sacrifice, ESPECIALLY DURING CAMP, is family time.  Thankfully I'm not playing football anymore so I get to take advantage of being able to be at certain events, and today I get to be there as my family celebrates my Grandmothers 90th BIRTHDAY!

I'll get back to the grind tomorrow, but until I do here's our 2016 CFL West and East Division Preview Shows that we did on our last two OFFIDES podcasts.  There's some great stuff in here for those who may have missed it, complete "what to watch for" analysis and PREDICTIONS on how the 2016 season will play out.

Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as Coach Etch and I enjoy making them.

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