Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Winding Down...

In order to make sure that we're covering everything that YOU want regarding the Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp and the upcoming 2016 CFL Training, we're going to open up for YOUR questions and comments!  

With CFL camps winding down, and the Green and White's final Exhibition Game in Edmonton rapidly approaching, we figured that Thursday would be a perfect chance to hit our audience with our first MAILBAG column of 2016. 

This will be an opportunity to make sure that nothing you guys want to talk about goes unaddressed...Nothing's off the table regarding the Green and White and the Canadian Football League.

Get any of your questions and comments in via Twitter (@lucmull95) or the comment section attached to this post.  Answers and discussion points will be posted tomorrow.

After Saturday's Roughrider game Pro Perspective will begin to transition into our 2016 CFL Season Content. We've got a ton of stuff planned and we're EXCITED for all of it! There are also plenty of SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES available this year as we continue to aim to give you the best FOOTBALL conversation out there! Email me at for more details.

Can't wait to get to your questions tomorrow!




  1. Luc: love your blog and really appreciate the veteran's-eye-view perspectives. You've actually been there. Could you please give us a more detailed breakdown of the strengths, weaknesses, and trends in our backup quarterbacks, especially what you are seeing this week in training camp? Thanks

  2. What does Chris Jones (and players and other coaches) think of the TC environment in Saskatoon? (Staying in dorms. Is that good a good thing? how are the meals, meeting rooms, locker rooms, etc.) How does it compare with other organizations?

  3. Im basically out of Producer Sam comments

  4. Man there has to be some crazy nerves going on waiting to see who gets cut, how did you deal with those nerves? I'm REALLY lookin forward to seein DD back in action!