Saturday, 9 July 2016

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From this point on in order to avoid condensing our weekly show, Coach Etch and I have decided that in order to facilitate a good FOOTBALL conversation between all of us (with an emphasis on YOU) we needed to split our weekly REVIEW of the past CFL games and OUR LOOK AHEAD into 2 SEPERATE SHOWS...Essentially what we wanted to be able to do is get more detailed without looking at the clock, and with your ability to Download on iTunes you're able to select when and where you want to listen to it anyway!

Todays show takes a look at the WEEK 3 action while it's still relatively FRESH in our minds!

Since we're able to detail things out more, our Hamilton/Winnipeg analysis takes a look at how CFL Offences are trying to create "zero coverage" situations for Defences, and I also get back to my NARRATIVE about how WEAK the CFL games are becoming due to all this "Eye In The Sky" BS.

Coach and I also get into the ROLE REVERSAL that was the Toronto at BC game, and when we talk about the Ottawa vs. Calgary OT TIE it allows us to get into the ANATOMY of a short yardage situation for both sides of the ball.  Etch also brings up a fantastic point regarding the fact that the Stamps have "no real Defensive Experts on their coaching staff."

We finish by going deep into the Saskatchewan vs. Edmonton INSTANT CLASSIC that finished off the CFL week.

It was only a couple of months ago when Coach Etch and I got into a HEATED debate over Darian Durant's legacy, but all of that seems to be water under the bridge now because Etch has thought that,
"Darian's performance has been OUTSTANDING" over the past 2 weeks.
We also take a good look into the way that Chris Jones and his defensive staff approached the Edmonton Eskimo O in Commonwealth and I think you guys are going to love that part of the discussion!

To close we provide some fact-based evidence on why there is a tremendous reason to be optimistic in Ridernation!  Hope you guys enjoy our new format...The iTunes link is below and so is the embedded link for you non-iTunes users.

Thanks for joining our Football Convo!

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