Sunday, 17 July 2016

OFFSIDES! Closing the Book on WK 4!

As we get familiar with our new format here on the OFFSIDES podcast, todays show finds Coach Etch and I trying to bring you some insight and analysis that you guys may not have thought of during your own football conversations.  Week 4 didn't disappoint viewers, and it set the table nicely for some tough upcoming games in Week 5.

Our discussion leads off by examining who best two teams are from each individual conference where we look at Ottawa, and the surprising (but somewhat expected) start by the BC Lions.  As we lead into the first game of the week between Ottawa and Toronto, Coach and I find ourselves in accordance with each other as we talk about Ottawa not being the powerhouse that many might see them as right now.

Moving forward the lack of Offensive Production in Winnipeg over the last few years grabs the spotlight as we analyze the Bombers game against Edmonton.  I think you guys will enjoy this segment as Etch attempts to paint a picture that not to many people would like to think of.

Inefficient Offensive schemes continues to be the theme as we get to the Montreal vs. Hamilton defensive gem, however we also discuss the +1 pressure concept a little more because of the Defensive Coordinators that were on the docket in La Bell Province.

To close out our Week 4 review on OFFSIDES, Etch and I talk halftime adjustments and give you guys an interesting perspective regarding the BC Lions victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Hope you guys enjoy our WEEKLY Reviews.  Let us know what you think because we love to get the pulse of some of the greatest fans in the world...YOU guys are what makes these football conversations so exciting!

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  1. How would coach Etch approach his game plan if he coached the Riders? Would his scheme be too complicated for a young secondary? Or is the key sending more pressure so DBs cover for less amount of time per play?

    1. Hi boss...Coach answered your question on the most recent episode of OFFSIDES...
      Thanks for joining our convo!