Wednesday, 13 July 2016

OFFSIDES! The Picasso Principle.

With Week 4 in the CFL kicking off on Wednesday, we wanted to get this OFFSIDES episode dropped before the Argos and RedBlacks flipped the coin.

If you haven't heard, we're breaking up our original podcast schedule into 2 shows, one immediately following the CFL week in order to analyze the games, and then this mid-week show that forecasts the upcoming schedule of games in our great league.  We'll also try and address one "hot-button" issue that our listeners have in this time-slot.

Today Coach Etch lead off by offering his thoughts on Rick Campbell as it relates to the rest of the Eastern Conference.  In Coach Etcheverry's mind, Campbell has leapt out as the most qualified coach in that division, and that lead him into predicting the winner of this weeks opening game.

As we moved to the Winnipeg/Edmonton game Etch pits the coaching staffs against each other in an effort to shine some light into what has the potential to be a very close game.  If there's one thing that we can agree on, it that this particular contest seems a lot tighter now than it looked to many experts and fans prior to the season commencing.

Jeff Reinebold was an absolute pleasure to play for during my time in Montreal, and the charismatic Special Teams coach of the Hamilton TiCats takes centre stage when we try and make sense of the Alouettes vs. TiCats game this Friday.  We also talk about the potential failed experiment that Kent Austin has in the Cornell product Jeff Matthews.

Before we close out todays episode of OFFSIDES by talking about a game that I've had a bad feeling about all week.  In the beginning of the season, I marked this game against the BC Lions as the 1st win of the 206 season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and now, for some reason I don't like the match-up any more. 

I ask Coach Etch from the outset of this part of the show, "Am I trippin?" and coaches immediate response was, "I think you are!"

What followed was some great analysis that you`re not going to get anywhere else in the country, not to mention some positive news for RIDERNATION!

At the end, we discuss what it REALLY takes for a guy like Devon Claybrooks to succeed as a CFL Coordinator because one of YOU listeners wanted substantial facts on thin resumed coaches rather than just the normal "so-and-so itsn`t qualified" narrative.

We love having you guys as part of our conversation here at Pro!  Hit the comment section, or my Twitter account (@lucmull95) if you want to weigh in on todays show...BTW NOBODY KNOWS WHERE PRODUCER SAM IS!!!

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