Wednesday, 20 July 2016

OFFSIDES! Style Over Results

Week 5 in the CFL is upon us and todays OFFSIDES podcast starts off with what may just be a MUST-WIN for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
As Coach Etch and I discuss what a huge game this is despite the stage of season, it brings us to the Joe Mack NARRATIVE that was so careful spun and emphasized when the current Blue Bomber regime first got into town.  Everyone in the Winnipeg media (minus Doug Brown who I think needs to be on the TSN panel) was overly critical of Joe Mack and for all intents and purposes, things have since REGRESSED from that stage.  As Etch brings up, at least the Joe Mack era included a Grey Cup appearance.

Our discussion on the Joe Mack topic also leads into an interesting chat surrounding Kyle Walters and his qualifications when it comes to being a CFL GM. 

You guys will enjoy this segment as it speaks on a different angle than the one so often portrayed in the Winnipeg press.
Next up we talk Hamilton vs. Edmonton and while we talk about Hamilton’s unreal Defence, it brings about another conversation piece involving how the rule disparity in the CFL makes it IMPOSSIBLE to win a football game with 2 of the 3 phases of the football team playing poorly (namely the Defence).  As I though about it, Etch brings up a good point because in the NFL there is plenty of opportunities to win a ball game even though teams may not be operating with all cylinders banging.

Toronto is on the docket next and I continued my mini-rant about why I’m going for Toronto and how it’s got nothing to do with any on-field issues.  Coach and I discuss the need to separate the marketing/advertising side and the FOOTBALL side when it comes to Toronto and the unique circumstance that the Double Blue find themselves in while operating out of Southern Ontario.

It’s also in this stretch of the show where we get our CFL reality check when our co-host brings up the “Style over Results” argument that has to do with Scott Milanovich’s views on running the rock.

Finishing out our OFFSIDES podcast for Week 5, we take a look at the Ottawa vs, Saskatchewan game that is slated for Friday and talk about what a HUGE deal this would be in Ridernation if the team could pull off a ‘W’. 

As we close the show, I also ask Coach Etch one of our fan questions that asks, “How would Coach Etch scheme against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the early stages of 2016” and the answer he gives will THRILL the football fan that enjoys taking a good hard look at the X’s and O’s.

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Talk soon folks!!!

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