Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Picking WK 4 in the CFL!


Last Week: 1-3! WTF...Who ties a game?!?!?  We're taking it as an 'L'.
Last week, I learned a valuable lesson...Trust the gut feeling in my stomach.  I wanted to pick the Bombers because of the precarious situation they were in, and didn't.  This lead me wanting to throw my controller through the TV.  I also felt like the Lions were going to struggle a bit but picked em anyway...WELP!!!  Not trusting my gut earned us ANOTHER 1-3 week!!!

In the words of the immortal John Lynch, "HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE?!?!?"

Oddly enough, I'm having a ton of success in Draft Kings now that the CFL has struck up this partnership.  I've been paid out every week thus far, minus a heads up match I dropped to one of our listeners...Parker, you owe me a beer!

Maybe we should turn this into a DRAFT KINGS selection column if we end up sh*tting the bed again this week???

Before we go losing all of our self-confidence, I'm determined to break out of this slump this week, so LET'S DO THIS THING!!!

Without further delay...here are the CJ Evans Home Designs CFL Picks for Week 4!!!

Ottawa @ Toronto

The most important point of emphasis heading into this game, if one is an Argo fan, is that Toronto probably won't get away with kicking Field Goals against an Ottawa RedBlacks squad that leads the league in Total Points, Passing Yards, and Passing TDs. 

Toronto has to be able to put the ball in the end zone once they breach their opponents side of the field.  With Ottawa being able to score so quickly, field goals become frustrating if Ottawa cancels two of Hajrallahu's scores out with a single TD.

Toronto has the talent to score, and if there's one thing that we know about Ottawa it's that for as many points as they're able to score, they're just as likely to concede that many as well..

Winning two games out West does a lot for momentum in the locker room but the way in which the Double Blue got those wins was an impressive show of character and grit that they're going to need to fall back on with the RedBlacks in town. 

One would have to give the edge Defensively to the Boatmen and this is going to be the 3rd outing for a veteran group that understood that it might take a few games to start operating on the same page, especially on the back end.

It seems like such a daunting task to go up against an Ottawa Offence that has scored 10 passing TDs, but if one takes out Chris Williams' contribution of 6 TDs the RedBlacks don't seem like such a monster...the problem is taking out Chris Williams.

I love Toronto's chances in this game but right now the prolific rate at which the RedBlacks are moving the ball cannot be ignored.

Pick:  Ottawa...going with my gut.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg

I can't imagine there was much celebrating in Winnipeg after the Bombers capitalized on Hamilton's mistakes to steal a win in Steel Town.  That's not to say they didn't deserve to celebrate, but with Edmonton up next, the 'Peg probably basked in the glory of victory for a few hours and then locked right back in to this Week 4 clash with the Esks.

There's plenty of potential to score this week for the Bombers.  To this point the defending Grey Cup Champs haven't found a foothold defensively but with the talent that they have in that locker room, it's only a matter of time before the light goes on with their coaching staff and their players.

Right now the theme of the CFL is that HOME TEAM's cant win!  The number of visiting team victories has been eyebrow raising to say the least.  In keeping with that trend, the Bombers have allowed a league high 10 QB sacks.  There's no better time than the present for the Eskimo's Defensive Line to come alive!

Pick:  The Reigning, and Defending Grey Cup Champion Eskimos...My gut agrees.

Hamilton @ Montreal

Tough game to call here.  On one hand, we've got the Montreal Alouettes who will be without 3 of it's top offensive weapons, and on the other hand we have Hamilton that has a major issue at the QB position until Zach Collaros gets back.

I've got all the confidence in the world that the ALS defence can keep them in this game, and maybe even score a couple TDs while their at it.  As a matter of fact, La Belle Province needs a HUGE game from Noel Thorpe and his troops but that's not a big ask when one considers who Montreal has on that side of the ball.

The major question mark is what Anthony Calvillo and Kevin Glenn can put together with a unit that thrusts veteran Nik Lewis into the spotlight for leadership (as always) but now may have to lean on him for production. 

At the end of the day it's not fair for the all of the responsibility to be put on the shoulders of the Defenders in Montreal.  Hamilton's Special Teams Units have a knack for coming up HUGE in games like this, and if the Hamilton D can comes to play it may be too much for a short staffed Alouettes team to overcome. 

Pick:  The Hammer...no gut feeling here for some reason.  Seems legit.

BC @ Saskatchewan

I hate the fact that the only games that we've picked correctly here on Pro Perspective are the contests that have featured the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Obviously having followed this team from a healthy distance since training camp allows for a better feel for the team, but one never likes to be correct when one is picking against the Green and White.

This week is weird because I had a much better feeling about the Roughriders chances against the Edmonton Eskimos last week than I do about their chances against the Lions this week. 
*That's not necessarily a bad thing considering the rough start to the year we're having.*

For one, this Defence that Saskatchewan faces on Saturday is a lot farther along than the previous two opponents.  For some reason Ryan Phillips is the only player alive that looks to be defeating Father Time (knock on wood) and Adam Bighill is...well...Adam Bighill.  They've even got a pass rush going on over in British Columbia!

The second reason I don't like this match-up is because Wally Buono is...well...Wally Buono.  He showed absolutely no problem switching QBs when the Lions couldn't muster up any points against Toronto, in fact one would argue that he may have actually waited longer than he should have.  I don't think he'll hesitate long in Saskatchewan where momentum will go a lot farther for this football team than any other. 

That means that the Roughriders need to prepare for two QBs this week.  Travis Lulay looked GREAT in the action that he saw, and that doesn't bode well for a Defence that is still looking to round into form.  The Lions looked like a different squad under the former Grey Cup MVP and we shouldn't be surprised if we see a healthy dose of #14.

One would also expect to see a different defensive approach than the scheme that Chris Jones used against Edmonton simply because this Lions team features a completely different make-up.  Knowing that makes this game even tougher to try and predict because we can't look at individual match-ups within the construct of a familiar pattern.

If this game turns into a battle of field position one would have to like the BC Lions chances with Chris Rainey's ability, and we cannot discount the fact that the Orange and Black are going to try and establish the Line of Scrimmage and the run game.

I feel like I'd be bananas not picking Saskatchewan in this game.  Everything seems like it's lining up nicely, and as Dan Plaster, who I do our "Chalk Talk" segment with on Riderville.com pointed out that it may be the Defences turn to jump out and have a game!

For some reason something is not letting me commit to the Green and White this week and its killing me.  Last week I chose not to go with my gut and it cost me the Winnipeg game, and the Toronto game.

This week I'll go with that funny feeling in my stomach.

Pick: The British Columbia Lions...DAAMMM YOUUU GUT FEELING!!!


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