Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Busting the Narratives in Week 8

Sorry guys...We dropped this OFFSIDES podcast yesterday, but for those of you who do not subscribe to us on iTunes, I failed to post this quick synopsis of the show.  I'll have a Tuesday Mailbag for you guys later this evening because there are a couple of questions we still haven't gotten to from our followers!

As we close the book on Week 8 in the CFL, and before we look ahead to week 9, Coach Gary Etcheverry and I give you guys a Pro Perspective look into some of the "narratives" flying around in the CFL and how they played into the thought process of fans, analysts, and casual viewers over the weekend.

Yesterday's topics included, TSN protecting its former CFLers that are now coaching in tough situations, like Anthony Calvillo.  In that discussion we use Tim Tebow's potential baseball career as a talking point to illustrate Etch's point of view.

Winnipeg looks to be gaining some steam and we touch on the fact that it's "hard to argue" with those who are saying that the Bombers have a shot at going to the Grey Cup.  We also bust another narrative of panelists and experts as it pertains to Scott Milanovich while we're talking about the Bomber victory over Toronto.

Before we close out the show, we spend a fair amount of time talking about Craig Reynolds and the bet that he placed on Chris Jones and his staff.  Etch applauded the move from the get-go and with all of the controversy surrounding Saskatchewan it seemed like a good time to get coach's opinion on all of it.

Etch also has some great analysis on Darian Durant which Rider fans will gobble up, and we close out the show with some encouraging words for the Rider faithful.

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