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Happy Saskatchewan Day everyone!  And for our readers that aren't in SK; Happy Monday!

Had a few questions to deal with in today's mailbag and they were fun to get to because we LOVE talking CFL ball with all of you! 

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Q:  How could you possibly have as much confidence as you do in (Chris) Jones after this start?!? #RiderBlinders
A:  I addressed this question on our Roughrider Roundtable during our Post-Game show on 620ckrm (Harvard Broadcasting) and even I was a little startled to see how fast some people are starting worry about the front office and coaching staff.
If anyone wants a fast easy answer as to why Ridernation should have steady confidence in this coaching staff’s ability to turn things around, just take a look at the Edmonton Eskimo’s right now. 
The Esks, have pretty much their entire core from last year’s Championship Team and their only victories have been a LUCKY win over Saskatchewan, and a win over the struggling Winnipeg Blue Bombers who just beat them in their own backyard this weekend.
THE ONLY THING THAT IS DIFFERENT IN EDMONTON IS THE COACHING STAFF.  Sure, Otha Foster and Kendial Lawrence are in Riderville but that team is absolutely LIT with talent.
Without Chris Jones and his coaching staff, the Eskimos are a vastly different monster than the one that was so scary at the end of 2015.  It’s hard to find a more telling reason to still have a vote of confidence in the current regime.  Jones turned Edmonton around when he arrived from TO, but it wasn’t like the change came immediately.  The injuries that the Green and White have been hit with haven’t helped at all, but with 4 Grey Cup rings of his own, an assistant coaching group that is as cohesive as they come, and a Western Division that is going to be close all year; there’s no way that this fan base can HONESTLY say that they’d rather have someone else running the show.  Stay the course folks.
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Q:  Who’s your CFL MOP right now?
A:  This will be the easiest question of the day…Bo. Levi. Mitchell.
This guy is as cool as they come.  It seemed like everyone and their mother wanted to bury Calgary right where they stood at the beginning of the season.  Granted that there is still PLENTY of season left for BLM and his Stampeders to fall off, right now Calgary looks like they’re unified and it seems that the focal point of leadership is their QB.  I don’t want to make it sound like the Stamps don’t rely on and recognize the leadership of Dave Dickenson, but their HC seems like the type of guy that wants the majority of the leadership to come from the locker room and not necessarily from the boss roaming the sidelines.  This may be a bit of a focus shift from the days of when the polarizing John Hufnagel was on the sidelines. 
The Stamps are going to have a chance to win the Western division if they can maintain the current upswing they’re on.  I’m sure you all know that I consider the BC Lions the best team in the CFL, and the comeback victory that Calgary pulled off against the Lions last week was an AWESOME display of fortitude and focus…My guess is that most of that character and will comes from their unflappable signal caller.
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Q:  If Durant starts, do we have a chance against the STUMPS?!?
A:  I’ll save my prediction for the Week 7 clash with the Red and White for our CFL Pick-Em column that we’ll drop on Tuesday.   What I will say is that if Doubles does start, the Roughriders chances take a considerable jump, but so too do my nerves with watching MY DAWG playing behind a makeshift Oline. 
When I used to watch scary movies as a kid, I’d always cover my eyes but I’d leave space between my middle and ring fingers so I could still see some of what was happening.  For some reason it made me feel a bit safer.  Doubles is the toughest SOB around so it’s going to be a CRUCIAL short week of prep for Mike Scheper and his crew as they work to keep our Money-Maker upright!
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Q:  Why was MAJOR CULBERT a starter (vs. Montreal) in our Defence even though he hasn’t played since 2013?
A:  It’s always tough to tell the real reasons behind those “sign-plug-play” situations in the CFL. This league seems like the only place on earth that a Professional Sporting Franchise would bring in a guy off the street and insert him into the starting lineup.  It happens a lot, so the Riders didn’t necessarily set a precedence here.
 The only thing that we may find our answer in here was the combo of Brandon McDonald's  release and Buddy Jackson being out.  I’m pretty sure that the only DB that the Riders had left was the “national” Joel Brtka on their practise roster. 
Keep in mind that coaching staffs always have certain players on their radars because of their SKILLSET, and this may have been a case where the front office felt that CULBERT’s skillset put him in a position to succeed more than their confidence in Brtka’s development to this point.  Brtka’s from a JR program so his developmental curve is going to include fundamental skills development AND pro scheme facilitation. 
I think this Culbert situation is one of the reasons that makes the CFL so unique.  There’s an ever-existing conflict between player development, the ratio, and the need to win.
Whatever the case may be, the Riders have injury problems across the board so it’s part of an overall problem that they’re dealing with.


  1. Great read. I always enjoy reading your column and hearing your insight on the radio with Rod. I think you meant (Buddy Jackson being out and Brandon McDonald being released not the other way around)

  2. I always enjoy your column and your insight on the radio with Rod and the others. However I think you meant to say that (Buddy Jackson was out and Brandon McDonald was released ) not the other way around. Great read as always.