Wednesday, 3 August 2016

OFFSIDES! Theory of Sustainability

In today's OFSSIDES podcast we're talking about the unique idea I have coined as, "Coach Etcheverry's Theory of Sustainability" and how we can relate it to the current state of the CFL and it's games thus far.

As we discuss the Week 7 outlook we keep the "Theory of Sustainability" in the back of our minds and I'm sure you guys will be able to apply the idea as we watch Winnipeg and Hamilton kick off TODAY!

Highlights of today's show include, Coach Etch talking about where he ranks Jonathon Jennings in terms of Western QB's, the concerning potential for Mike Reilly to TAKE A STEP BACKWARDS this year in Edmonton, and Bo Levi-Mitchell becoming "Too Cool for School" in Calgary.

Tons of great stuff in our podcast today, and we're still waiting for our new PODCAST EQUIPMENT to arrive in order to KEEP IMPROVING for YOU!

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Talk soon folks!!!


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