Wednesday, 24 August 2016

OFFSIDES! We've All Played 8!!!

Week 10 is on the horizon so it's business as usual here at Pro Perspective as Coach Etch and I drop yet another OFFSIDES podcast.

Today was a bit of a special episode, and you'll see why at the beginning of the show but from that point on, we're all business!

We spend a bit of time talking about "Vanilla Boulevard" in a segment that I'm sure you guys will like.  That leads us to a brief discussion on Defensive Linemen Alignment theory. 

From there we take a look at every game on the docket in WEEK 10.  During this discussion, Coach calls me out for subscribing to a MEDIA NARRATIVE, and we dive into the relationship between Chris Jones and Mike Reilly.  Etch and I look into how it (the relationship) may have affected the 1st time the Riders and Esks met, and how it may carry over into this meeting on Saturday.

As usual, we love having you as part of our Football Conversation, and we trust that you'll enjoy this edition of our OFFSIDES Podcast (available on iTunes).

I'll check in with ya'll tomorrow!

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