Monday, 8 August 2016

Switching Up the Routine


We wanted to make sure we brought you our OFFSIDES Week 7 review, come hell or high water, because there is some outstanding content that we felt that we had discuss in order to stick to our promise of always bringing you the other side (or #ProPerspective) of this CFL game.

In order to do that (because of a scheduling conflict) we are going to push back our other Pro Perspective columns by 1 day, which is something that I hope you're all good with!

Today's OFFSIDES podcast reviews every game from this past weekend but takes an EXTENSIVE look at the Saskatchewan Offensive Coordinator along with the HUGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY for Saskatchewan Coaches, Players, AND FANS...

We also look into the situation with Henry Burris BRILLIANTLY calling out the TSN "Talking Heads" (as Etch likes to call them) and watching them squirm afterwards as he turned arouMy and then lead the RedBlacks to victory.

Coach Etcheverry and I take a look at both of these cases, and use them to illustrate the importance of improving the CFL's overall product.

You guys are going to love Etch's rant about how the Burris comments EXPOSED the lack of research and knowledge amongst the TSN panel.  Coach Etch also points to the lack of COMPETITION for TSN as one of the main reason's for TSN's inability to properly analyze the game that we call love.

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Week 8 is upon us, and today's OFFSIDES podcast starts us all off on the right foot!




  1. You guys don't pull any punches. I love it.

  2. Fantastic! I loved it. Finally someone has called it the way it is. Thanks Etch! TSN needs to be more accountable how they are presenting the CFL. It could be so much better.