Wednesday, 14 September 2016

OFFSIDES! Scrambled Eggs & Leadership!

As the 2016 NFL starts up and the current CFL Season rolls on, Coach Gary Etcheverry and I are happy to be able to drop another OFFSIDES podcast heading into Week (Lucky Number) 13!

Today we take a look at the Montreal Alouettes scenario that is all the rage in Canadian Football.  Our #ProPerspective focuses on the organizational point of view as we talk about the many successes of Jim Popp as well as the “Scrambled Eggs” situation that currently plagues La Belle Province. 
This segment also leads into a very complimentary chat about the much-travelled but ultimately respected Kevin Glenn.

Commitment to running the rock grabs the spotlight as Coach and I move into the Toronto Argonauts and the journey moving forward.  Coach Etch provides players (and other coaches) at all levels some great insight as to why controlling the ground game is so important, and it serves as a nice reminder in regards to the foundations of football that we talk a lot about here on

As our OFFSIDES episode continues on through the rest of the league we get into a discussion about Leadership in its many shapes and forms within a football squad, which is something that I think you folks will really like.  Luca Congi (2007 Grey Cup Champion) gets a mention, and so does (much to my absolute disgust) John Harbaugh of scUM (a Spartans name for the Michigan Wolverines). 

This is a side of the game that the fans don’t often see, or talk about, so it was cool to be able to table that for all of you.

To end our Week 13 edition of our OFFSIDES podcast I ask Etch to dive into his “Independent Consulting” work that he is currently doing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

Even though Etch has an air-tight ‘Non-Disclosure’ agreement with the big club, he still manages to let our listeners in on some of the things that he has observed since joining the Green and White a few weeks ago, and I’ll save it for the podcast, but what he gives you all is GREAT, and may build some confidence in you moving forward as RIDERNATION!

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