Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Our OFFSIDES Podcast (available on iTunes) comes to you as the CFL approaches its Week 12 schedule of games.

Once again Coach Etch, The Independent Consultant (and co-host of our show) takes the time out of his morning schedule with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to talk some ball with all of YOU!

Despite recording the show at 5am, I think that our OFFSIDES fans will really enjoy todays show!

At the top of the episode we use Rakeem Cato as an unfortunate case study for the fact that the Offensive systems in the CFL FAIL young QB's.

You guys are going to really enjoy Etch's perspective on the CFL's refereeing and rules debacle that follows and you'll surely have an appreciation for the way the NFL is tied into this debate.

To close out we talk about the re-match's of all the Provincial Battles (I'm heaping Winnipeg/Sask into that group as well) and what makes all three rivalries independently special!

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We love talking FOOTBALL with all of you, and I hope you enjoy this installment of OFFSIDES!

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