Friday, 9 September 2016

Picking WEEK 12 in the CFL!


Better late than never!!!
Due to some work time constraints, we’re going to split this up into TWO segments this weekend. This first segment of our “Pick-Em” will give you all some insight into the three games that DO NOT involve the Green and White this weekend, and then we’ll drop some deeper analysis regarding the Banjo Bowl tomorrow before all of your Pre-game Festivities get under way.
It’s been nice having you guys react so positively to this column we do here on Pro Perspective, and as usual, we hope it brings you some insight and confidence when it comes to your CFL water cooler convos and cigarette breaks!
Enjoy WEEK 12 folks.  It’s definitely a great slate of games!
Montreal @ BC
One would be hard pressed to find much reason for optimism in La Belle Province.  It seems as though the front office has already started looking into next year, with the comments stemming from Jim Popp on the activation of Rakeem Cato.  The one thing that my co-host of our OFFSIDES podcast, Coach Gary Etcheverry, was quick to point out was that the season is FAR from being over, especially when it comes to the Eastern Division.  Is Montreal really packing it in?
Regardless of their intentions heading into this game, the Alouettes are up against the 2nd best team in the CFL after travelling across the entire country.
One doesn’t need to be a practised analyst to know that the ball is spinning in the Lions favour on this one, and one would is able to make a confident bet on Wally Buono’s physical Lions team against an ALS team that has cause for concern on and off the field.
It was pointed out to me this weekend that since 2010, the Montreal Alouettes are the only team in the league that has NOT been to a Grey Cup.
That’s staggering considering how far ahead they seemed to be just a few short years ago.
Pick: The Leo’s heading into their Bye Week.
Calgary @ Edmonton
Right now Calgary has the opportunity to “piss in the corner of the province of Alberta.”
The end result of last week’s Labour Day Game between the Stamps and the Esks should not have come as a surprise to many people because as we stated here last week, the CFL was about to find out what the REAL Edmonton Eskimos looked like.
It’s clear that the “moving up to the front office” problems that a lot of people anticipated (with John Hufnagel focusing solely on the GM duties) are not coming to fruition and what we have left is a Calgary team that has been a dominant force offensively with Jerome Messam, and is slowly starting to find a defensive identity under first year DC Devon Claybrooks.
With the Labour Day re-match set to go Saturday afternoon from Commonwealth Stadium it wouldn’t surprise me if Edmonton jumped out to an early lead in this one.  Unfortunately for Esks fans, what I would also expect is that Calgary would follow their new Head Coaches lead, keep a cool head about themselves and assert their will over the course of the 4 quarter competition.
We’ll take the Whaa-mpeders in the 2nd installment of the Battle of Alberta
Pick: The Stumps
Hamilton @ Toronto
If you’ve listened to our OFFSIDES podcast this week, you’ve caught Coach Etcheverry’s (and my) opinion on the absolute slug fest that is the TiCats/Argos rivalry.  These games are a treat to watch if one craves physical football on the line of scrimmage, and one can always expect bad blood to spill over at some point during the battle.
As we all know, Ricky Ray is likely out for another long stretch of time, but I think that Argos fans may have a nice surprise in store with Dan Lefevour taking the starting reps.
The question is, will the newly minted starter Lefevour, and the rest of the Argonauts, have enough gas in the tank to go another 4 rounds with a TiCat squad that is very quickly becoming the talk of the Eastern Conference.
At this moment, the Cats are the only team in the East that looks like they have anything positive going for them, and that may be too much for a team that has just been dealt another huge blow at their Franchise position.
This may get out of hand if Lefevour and Milanovich can’t find their groove early.
Pick: The Black and Gold.
Check us out tomorrow morning for our BANJO BOWL analysis and predictions for the Riders Bombers clash in Winnipeg!


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