Saturday, 29 October 2016

BC @ Saskatchewan: FINAL Thought..

If we're strictly talking football today folks. Go with the BC Lions. I know it's a sh*tty idea considering the magnitude of this game, but unfortunately the Lions are on a completely different journey and their personnel is better across the board. 

There are 3 guys on the Saskatchewan Roughriders playing roster that understand the significance of this stadium better than anyone else in the locker room, coaches included...

Dan Clark, Robbie Bagg, and Darian Durant. If the magic of the moment is to equate to a Roughrider win, then it will be on the shoulders of these three vets. 

Unfortunately that's A LOT to ask.

Pick: BC Lions. 

We'll miss the old girl...Everyone has a personal story that goes with this building...Here's a link to mine that we posted last week.

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