Friday, 7 October 2016


We took the phrase "Bye Week" waaaay to literally around here as of late haha!

Truthfully, WORK and LIFE got unbelievably busy (which is a good thing) over the last few weeks, and unfortunately our OFFSIDES podcast was put on hiatus, along with the rest of our work here on #ProPerspective.

All that is over with now, and as we get back in the swing of things, Coach Etch and I absolutely had to lead off with the long-awaited RETURN of our popular CFL conversation.

Before we begin this morning's discussion, I needed to make sense of the whole debacle in the CFL surrounding the Eastern division and the collapse, or struggles, of basically every team in that conference.  Once we got that going, our first episode back dove into the situation in Toronto, and Scott Milanovich putting the program culture before the egos and wants of a few talented players.  Coach Etch will elaborate more on the 2012 Grey Cup Winning head coach's admirably decision.

Moving on into Week 16 we take a look at Winnipeg's voyage of TRUE self-discovery and how that relates to the very good BC Lions team that visits them at Investors Group Field.  I can't speak for Coach Etch on this one, but I feel like the BC/Winnipeg game is the match-up of the week!

Next up, Coach gives us a GREAT perspective (from his experience) on the Anthony Calvillo situation in Montreal.  I think you guys will enjoy the segment that I'm calling, "Opportunity vs. Disappointment."  AC's days as a coach are far from over, but in today's OFFSIDES podcast, you get a good dose of truthfulness regarding his path.

To close, Coach readily admits that her was WRONG about the Calgary Stampeders, and I point out that I'm waiting to see if some of these other "analysts" are going to do the same thing?!?
This part of the podcast really ties the whole show together, and puts a nice bow on it as we depart with a brief spotlight on the NFL!!!

IT IS GREAT TO BE BACK!  I WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE THAT HAS TEXTED, AND WROTE IN WONDERING WHERE WE HAD GONE...In a way, it was really nice to be missed, but it won't happen again!

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