Friday, 26 May 2017


By now, many of you in Ridernation and other CFL circles know that I’ve been asked to step into the role of Roughrider Colour Analyst for Harvard Broadcasting during the 2017 CFL season.
It’s a role that I’m really excited to dive into, and I consider it one of the better jobs in the CFL because of the fan base that it caters to.
Being a colour analyst is also something that’s very different from the radio work that I’ve had the privilege of doing since retiring from the CFL in 2013.  This is a job that requires a ton of work and respect.  It’s not just getting on The Sportscage, or the Pre-Game show and airing out my views on the league, and your beloved Green and White. 
I can’t wait to get into the X’s and O’s along with all of the emotions and situations that come with game day.  I’ve been studying my favourite analysts like Troy Aikman, and Cris Collinsworth.  I’ve always paid keen attention to the jobs that Duane Forde and Glenn Suitor do on TSN, and have done a fair amount of personal criticism in order to continue to improve on the things I need to tighten up
This is important to me, because I know how important it is to some of Ridernation’s most faithful.
Stepping into the Colour Commentary spot is also a very bittersweet situation for me.  I am being asked to fill the position held by a legend for the last 28 years.
Carm Carteri is a role model to me.  During my time with the Green and White, Carm was, and still is, one of the best guys to be around.  We’re both part of that special fraternity of guys that’s been fortunate enough to strap up and play this game as professionals.  There’s always that mutual respect that guys have for Carm because of that.  He’s one of us.  I consider him a great friend, and to this day he is always there willing to help guys out if he can.
I’ve read the blog comments, and the fan site pages.  The outpouring of emotion and support for Carm has been incredible, and rightfully so.  In this day and age, there will never be a guy that holds down a football job for 28 years.
Carm was the medium between the team and fans during the absolute worst of times and some of the best.  When people wouldn’t accept a free ticket to Rider games, Carm still invested his time into bringing Roughrider football to life. 
I hope that we find a way to celebrate his commitment to the fans of this province.  I hope that Carm Carteri is celebrated for all he did for Ridernation.  There are people in Saskatchewan that are football fans because of Carm, and I was glad to see that the majority of them have spoken up during this time.  It shows the love and respect that people have for him.  Simply thanking Carm for his services would be disappointing. 
Even though the shoes that I have to fill are humongous, I’m really looking forward to it.  Because of the respect I have to show to the position, things are going to slow down here on Pro for the time being.  I want to thank those of you who have followed along with this site, but I have to pour everything I have into this opportunity, outside of the many other pursuits I have.
Training camp is right around the corner.  Football is finally back. 
But before we go any further, we absolutely have to recognize the man who helped bring us to this point. 
This is a SALUTE to Carm Carteri.  You’ve paved the way for guys like me, and you’ve set the benchmark as far as the Colour Analyst spot goes.  I’ll work hard to ensure that the standard you set is held up.
You're a great ambassador to the game, and a distinguished member of the CFL Alumni.  I’ll be the first one to buy a ticket to your Hall of Fame recognition.
Let’s get rolling!